Picture of an Asian man sitting at a typewriter.

It's me, Andrew!

I'm Andrew. I'm a content designer at Facebook and the founder of The Slant. I love crafting engaging, easy-to-read copy, and I'm always excited to sort out bottlenecks in user workflows. I'm especially interested in rolling up my sleeves and getting arms-deep in product strategy, working with partners to dig into the whys and hows of building good products.

In my spare time, I work on The Slant, a media outlet I founded that focuses on Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) news, media, and culture. I also volunteer at Hyphen Magazine, an Asian American literary magazine; iMentor, a high school mentorship program; and U.S. Digital Response, a nonprofit helping governments and organizations respond quickly to public needs.

Wanna chat about UX, APIDA issues, or the best instant noodles around? Email me at hello@andrewhsieh.com. Or, find me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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